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Cycling for health

Congratulations, Taipei, on your new YouBike service! We, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, have been enjoying the same sort of service for about three years now. It will involve some growing pains, but in the long run, it is going to be something very special.

Our NiceRide has grown every year with more and more stations and increased usage. The time saved and health benefits are tremendous. Have fun and enjoy!

Tom Kuleck

Greater Taichung

Given a choice

Flora Faun’s response (Letters, Nov. 19, page 8) to a “pro-life” article by Chiang Sheng (江盛) (“Taiwan failing on gender equality,” Nov. 9, page 8) was excellent, and while I completely agree with her pro-choice views, I do think her outrage may have overshot the mark.

As a man, I wouldn’t pretend to understand the outrage created by someone trying to force their views on me. That being said, I’m guessing that Chiang feels nearly as upset at his tax money paying for abortions.

Faun also brings up the excellent point that pro-life efforts focus almost entirely on preventing women from having abortions, typically through legal challenges. I and perhaps many others would take some interest in pro-life advocacy if it were coupled with pregnancy prevention, adoption counseling and assistance, and children’s welfare programs. Saving a “potential life” seems misguided if we are not equally concerned with the child’s potential after the fact.

Aaron Andrews

Greater Taichung

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