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Why the US poor are willing to vote Republican

In a country reeling from economic meltdown, where race and class are issues ingrained into the collective psyche, voting patterns reveal a polarized, and at times highly misinformed, electorate

By Gary Younge  /  The Guardian, Sarasota, Florida

“I voted for McCain,” Price said. “Because, well I voted for the old white guy. At least he’s American.”

A few days earlier, the chairman of the Republican party in Jackson County, Arkansas, insisted that electing Obama is destroying the US in the same way electing former South African president Nelson Mandela destroyed South Africa.

In Las Vegas, shortly before the 2010 mid-term, I met a woman protesting illegal immigration outside an Obama event who was voting for the Tea Party candidate, Sharon Angle. When it turned out she did not have health care I asked her if that would not be a reason for her to support Obama.

“I haven’t really gotten into the whole Obamacare thing,” she said. “To be honest I can’t even think about that right now. I’m so concentrated on the illegals.”

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