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Baseball in need of a new beginning

By Weng Chia-ming 翁嘉銘

In addition, the CPBL has neither the organization nor the financial strength required to set up a trusteeship for the Bulls, which is why Brother Elephants owner Hung Rei-ho (洪瑞河) is expressing hope that the government will lend a helping hand. However, it would be a serious mistake for the government to do so.

Top government officials frequently talk about how depleted the treasury is, and this issue does not even relate to the national team. The government has already provided enough financial aid to the Bulls, and must not use more taxpayers’ money to save the team. It would be better to allow the Taiwan Cooperative Bank and Taipower teams to join the league. They are strong and have sound operational bases, and this would be a much better solution than asking the government for money.

Out with the old and in with the new, start over again. If Taiwan is a civilized country with a decent standard of professional baseball, a more professional baseball league will one day rise from the ashes of the CPBL.

A solution to the current crisis depends on the intelligence and wisdom of the owners of the remaining four teams, because what they say and do is what counts.

Weng Chia-ming is a baseball commentator.

Translated by Perry Svensson

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