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NHI proposals are a slippery slope

By Paul Lin 林保華

I mentioned previously the potential “abuse” of NHI funds. China’s legal system is weak and ineffective and many Chinese people’s social ethics are also very poor. Whatever regulations the Chinese government comes up with, people can always find a way to get around them. The whole situation is a mess. False identity documents and fake certificates are in circulation all over the country. Even the Chinese communist leadership cannot keep this situation in check and so, what really could Taiwanese officials be expected to do about it?

Taiwan’s current prospects are pretty dismal, but Ma is not worried about that. He might never be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, but his two daughters have already settled in the US, and he has sent his close friend King Pu-tsung (金溥聰) to serve as Taiwan’s representative to the US, no doubt in order to pave the way for Ma himself. With tens of millions of New Taiwan dollars sitting untouched in the bank, he is well set up to spend the rest of his years in comfort. Ma spent several years studying and working in the US — so he should be quite happy to go back there.

As to the coming influx of Chinese capital into Taiwan: China’s economic power will enable it to buy up not just businesses, but people too. How can Taiwan hope to stem the tide? Why has Ma appointed Wang Yu-chi (王郁琦), who knows little about China affairs, as minister of the Mainland Affairs Council, and why has he been purging other top officials? Why else but to remove obstacles? The way things are going, even if the Democratic Progressive Party manages to get voted back into government, it will not be able to reverse what has already been done. It looks as though Ma is going to lay Taiwan in its grave. Whatever can be done?

Paul Lin is a political commentator.

Translated by Julian Clegg

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