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Flora Faun


Taiwanese wake-up call

Former premier Frank Hsieh of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has decided to visit China.

Why? What does he need to find out? That every second word of the Chinese officials is a lie?

I have lived there, so he can come and ask me.

Is the DPP now trying to copy the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT)? Why should people vote for the DPP next time?

It does not really matter, right? It is the difference between bitten by a cat or by a dog.

I hope people will vote wisely in future and vote for a party that is concerned about Taiwanese and not worried about what the Chinese government thinks.

Taiwan should treat China as its equal.

Why does the US not want to supply Taiwan with the new fighter jets it has requested?

Because Washington is afraid Taiwan will pass on the military technology to China.

If this continues, Taiwan will continue to fall further and further behind the other “Asian Tigers.”

Wake up, Taiwan.

Gerry Floor

Greater Taichung

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