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While biking outside cities, I’ve seen thousands of empty warehouses. Taiwanese culture derives great satisfaction from work. In particular, the elderly, who like a social angle and could be paid a fair part-time wage to build cool stuff invented by talented kids.

I like the idea of adopting warehouses to build made-in-Taiwan (MIT) products to meet consumer demand, while promoting the best and smartest products in the world, from Taiwan.

“MIT” should mean something, like financial support for that kid who makes the balanced finger-standing painted bird pencil sharpeners. Not sure where the pencil goes, but it sounds like a marketable idea!

I ask the Professional Technology Temple (PTT) to start a Web site so that kids who win international awards can actually have a chance to produce them profitably, and in the process create thousands of jobs in Taiwan.

Kids, stand up for your entrepreneurship! I read how two young fans developed proximity-sensing vibrating shoes so that a blind entertainer they like can walk freely on stage during concerts without fear of falling off. Will these niche products ever be manufactured?

The fact that neither Ma’s team nor state-run banks can see the value in potential small and medium-sized enterprises is a catastrophe for Taiwan’s economy. If I were the Democratic Progressive Party and trying to build a credible premise for Taiwan’s future, I would be running to these medal winners and encouraging small businesses to start up with localized funds.

There’s work to do, Taiwan. Let’s get started.

Torch Pratt

New Taipei City

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