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Greatest good only for few

I hold a skeptical point of view toward the guaranteed security system for the sex offender center currently under construction in Greater Taichung (“Residents worried about Taichung sex offender center,” June 12, page 2).

While I am not from there, I have a lot of friends who are from Greater Taichung expressing great concern about the security system of this center. Instead of clearing up residents’ concerns, Taichung Prison spokesman Hsin Meng-nan’s (辛孟南) statement on the security issue saying that it would “be more difficult to flee from the center than from the prison” has turned public concerns into even greater worry. While the spokesman’s intention was to relieve residents’ anxieties, what he ended up giving was a vague declaration lacking any explicit explanation about the security system, which might be the most important thing that people want to know. So far, only infrared alarms have been mentioned in the news.

Recently, I have been studying utilitarianism, as promoted by English philosopher Jeremy Bentham, which talks about trying to attain “maximum happiness” for the greatest number of people whenever each decision is made. From this point of view, I think it is very obvious that the accumulated value of such a serious concern that has resulted in significant unhappiness among Greater Taichung residents is definitely a lot greater than any benefit brought by this construction, especially when the security system is still being questioned. The positive value can only be enlarged when a detailed explanation on the security system is provided so that the public will then have fewer problems with the establishment of the center.

I try not to be a pessimist, but could anyone still be optimistic when he or she has been put in position where their safety is threatened? I do not believe anyone would want to risk their safety. Therefore, a clearer and more detailed account of the security system at the sex offender center should be provided to Greater Taichung residents.

Amie Chen

Greater Kaohsiung

Excited about phone

I am very excited to see HTC Corp open its new headquarters on its 15th anniversary. The gadgets produced by HTC are high-quality and fascinating in appearance and they shatter the stereotype that Taiwanese-made products are unattractive and of unstable quality. Therefore, I am more than happy to see the company growing stronger and shining for Taiwan internationally.

An outstanding company not only produces excellent products, it also cherishes its customers in every way possible. As far as I am concerned, HTC certainly falls into this category.

I, like many others, once considered Apple Inc’s iPhone the best smartphone and was one of its users. However, I gradually changed my mind after I, by coincidence, had to deal with similar problems with both companies and received totally different services.

I had experienced problems with my wireless Internet connection on my iPhone so I took it to an Apple store, where the salesperson kept me waiting for 30 minutes and finally turned to me with an upset expression on his face, saying he had not encountered any problems. I felt like I had been a total nuisance to him, so I left.

Yet after attempting to use several different wireless connections, I was convinced that there were some problems with my iPhone. When I went back to the salesperson at the store, he just said that I needed to exchange it for a new iPhone, but he did not tell me that as a user, I could exchange my iPhone for free within one year of purchase.

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