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The key figures

Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, 76

Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces

As head of the military, he is de facto ruler until the military finally cedes power to civilian rule, which it has said it will do after June 30, with a new president in office. Not a presidential candidate.

Abdel Moneim Abul Fotouh, 60

Moderate Islamist candidate for presidency

A key member of the Muslim Brotherhood, he resigned as a member of the organization — which had said it would not field a presidential candidate — last year to run for election as an independent, angering former colleagues.

Mohammed Morsi, 60

Candidate for the Freedom and Justice Party of the Muslim Brotherhood

A former independent member of parliament when the Brotherhood was banned, he was selected after Khairat al-Shater, the preferred candidate, was disqualified. An uncharismatic figure, his stance has become more conservative as he seeks to reassure his own party.

Amr Moussa, 75

Former secretary-general of the Arab League

Regarded by some as the frontrunner. Admirers say he has the most experience of all the candidates — a plus for those desperate for a return to stability. However, his history as a veteran of former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak’s regime and his lack of support for the revolution make him deeply unpopular with both Islamist and younger, secular revolutionaries.

Ahmed Shafiq, 70

Former commander of the Egyptian air force and ally of Mubarak

Appointed president by Mubarak to appease protesters, he was replaced after a few weeks. Disliked by revolutionaries of all political persuasions, who regard him as a holdover from the last regime. Although he was disqualified from standing last month, his candidacy was reinstated on appeal. He has suggested that he is the military’s favored choice.

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