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Waking from the hamster wheel

By Michael Danielsen

A reality check shows that the “1992 consensus” implies that Taiwan is part of the PRC, and that the common market will be considered under the “one country, two systems” framework by the international community. Policy statements lose any meaning if the “1992 consensus” is considered as an empty phrase in order to accommodate China.

Consequently, the KMT will get full backing from China, the US and Europe, and the fear of a negative Chinese reaction to a DPP victory in 2016 will add pressure Taiwanese to make the “right” choice. The KMT’s massive campaign funds will again ensure an efficient election campaign. We will very likely see yet another “mostly free and partly unfair” election in Taiwan, as the International Committee for Fair Elections in Taiwan labeled the Jan. 14 elections.

If China’s economic success continues, the only hope to save the nation is strong and unwavering support for democratic consolidation and in elections free from external interference.

Yes, Ma will continue running in his hamster wheel for the next few years. However, he runs the risk of having a stick poked in the wheel that will reveal the unsustainable nature of his own policies, because the vast majority of Taiwanese want independence and have no ambition to be a part of China in any form.

The KMT will hopefully wake up and realize that a Taiwan consensus is central to Taiwan’s survival.

Michael Danielsen is chairman of Taiwan Corner.

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