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The Liberty Times Editorial: KMT smear campaign backfires

Now, with lesss than a month until the election, we all have to be prepared. As Ma and Wu are in a critical situation, they and the KMT are very likely to come up with more dirty tricks.

In that event, if more allegations are made close to election day, leaving no time to find out the truth, we must keep in mind the lessons learned.

In addition, Liu’s actions would seem to implicate her in the forging of documents and in seeking to undermine the electability of one of the presidential candidates.

As a political appointee, she must accept political responsibility and not try to cling to her post. If she resigns now, she might at least save her reputation as an academic.

As Liu’s superiors, it is even more unsuitable for Ma and Wu to tolerate a government official who has undermined the democratic system. If they do, voters will have even more reason to suspect their involvement in the smear campaign.

Recently, Wu slammed the Forestry Bureau for being “infinitely incompetent” because it was terminating forestry land leases and letting the land sit idle. In comparison, Liu’s submission of clearly misdated documents has had a serious impact on the fairness of the presidential election and greatly harmed Taiwanese democracy. Surely that is an even higher form of “infinite incompetence.”

The Yu Chang case is closely linked to the development of Taiwan’s biotech industry and should never have been manipulated for election purposes. When this case was used in an attempt to smear Tsai, key figures in the biotech industry came out to defend her.

The reason for Ma and Wu’s low approval rating is their faulty policies over the past three years, which have made life harder for most Taiwanese. Faced with public dissatisfaction, rather than trying to come up with better policies to win back voters, Ma and Wu have resorted to smearing their opponents in an effort to hide their own shortcomings.

The Yu Chang smear campaign is a product of the reckless methods Tsai’s opponents have resorted to out of pure desperation, but now that the truth about the case is out, Ma and Wu have had their credibility ruined and they will never be able to use cheap tricks to gain votes again.

Given the fact they have been so incompetent while in office, and that they have now been caught out trying to smear Tsai, it is hard to see how Ma and Wu have got the gall to even continue their election campaign.

Translated by Drew Cameron

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