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The US cannot appease the Chinese

By Li Thian-hok 李天福

In conclusion, Glaser’s analysis of Sino-US relations is faulty because the Western notion of rational international politics does not fit Chinese behavior, which is characterized by irrational chauvinism, political theater and deception. As American Enterprise Institute academic Dan Blumenthal said, Glaser’s theory has actually been tested by the Obama administration, which made concessions to Beijing and adopted de facto abandonment of Taiwan. However, instead of making reciprocal friendly gestures, China became more aggressive toward Japan, the ASEAN and South Korea, and Sino-US relations deteriorated.

Glaser’s paper has stimulated a great deal of discussion. Hopefully, it will prompt the US to seriously and correctly respond to the many challenges presented by a rising China.

Li Thian-hok is a distinguished fellow of the International Assessment and Strategy Center in Washington.

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