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THE LIBERTY TIMES EDITORIAL: Ma twisting history to suit his goals

If we take a further look at the Treaty of San Francisco that came into effect on April 28, 1952, we see that it clearly stated: “Japan renounces all right, title and claim to Formosa and the Pescadores.”

However, it did not state who Taiwan was ceded to. According to international law, Taiwan’s sovereignty should have been given to the people of Taiwan. When Ma talks about the ROC government relocating to Taiwan, he is referring to the refugees who fled to Taiwan after the Chinese communists exterminated the ROC.

At that time, countries world-wide were worried about the expansion of communist power and therefore tacitly recognized Chiang’s regime and his temporary military occupation of Taiwan. However, the way Chiang’s army treated Taiwan as its own after getting here was outright theft and characteristic of a regime of bandits.

History often provides us with the best explanations. In 1950, Chiang said: “The ROC ceased to exist at the end of last year when it was subjugated and eliminated by the mainland.” When the ROC was established in 1912, Taiwan was Japanese territory and not part of the ROC. When the ROC was extinguished by the Chinese Communist Party in 1949, Taiwan was still officially Japanese territory and not part of the ROC.

From the beginning of its days up until now, the ROC has never possessed territorial sovereignty over Taiwan and it is an absolute joke to try and twist things to try to prove that the ROC owns Taiwan on the so-called 100th anniversary of the ROC.

However, Ma’s ultimate goal is not to protect and stand up for the ROC or Taiwan; but to try and establish what he thinks to be the truth: That Taiwan is a part of the PRC.

Therefore, we must all remain aware and stop Ma from trying to use the old, rotten corpse of the ROC to unite Taiwan with China.


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