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Democracy dams the China flood

By Lai I-chung 賴怡忠

If it is possible in negotiations to sign three agreements but block the fourth, what is to stop China from sabotaging an ECFA, the very agreement the Ma administration has set its sights on?

We should expect China to push hard to discuss unification.

Furthermore, with the government’s record of both appeasing and being intimidated by China, it is likely that ECFA talks will coincide with political negotiations.

Beijing will scrutinize the degree to which Ma compromises on the unification talks and gauge how much it will need to give in return over an ECFA. Can the case for holding public referendums on cross-strait talks be clearer?

Our democracy is the only thing standing between us and Beijing’s determination to hold negotiations on unification.

Lai I-chung is an executive member of Taiwan Thinktank.


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