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No sympathy, only contempt

Dear Johnny,

I’d like to attract your attention to a serious case of human rights abuse happening in Taiwan right now.

Chen Hsing-yu (陳幸妤), daughter of former president Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁), has been prevented from leaving the country to pursue studies in the US. This is a cruel blow to a woman born with a silver spoon in her mouth and who has had a privileged life. It was bound to upset her because it doesn’t allow her to do what she wants, as has always been the case — so it is obviously wrong.

The former president said he is worried she may take her kids and commit suicide if she isn’t allowed out of Taiwan. If she did this, it would be the fault of the judicial authorities in Taiwan for daring to apply the law to the family members of an ex-president, so they should let her go immediately and end all investigations.

But if they are guilty of perjury I hope she and all other members of the lying, stealing Chen gang (including serial criminal Chao Chien-ming, 趙建銘) are treated as harshly as the law allows. They weren’t satisfied with setting back Taiwan irreparably at a crucial time or stealing like kleptomaniacs; they also had to lie and keep on lying even when their lies started to fall apart. They should be made an example of, not just for making a mockery of the “justice” system, but also for setting a bad example.

As someone who broke a rule — a visa violation — and was banned for five years, with no string-pulling, leniency or excuses accepted, I am looking forward to Chen Hsing-yu et al getting the full force of the law as it can sometimes be applied.

Let’s see her shut up, admit guilt, tell the truth about the whole disgraceful mess her family has caused and take the punishment she deserves like an adult.

Her study plans are being interfered with? Oh, poor dear. Maybe she should have thought about that first.

I have no sympathy for them at all, only contempt.

Kev Lax

Johnny replies: Well, if you’re going to take sides, I guess this is the way to do it.

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