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Selling tyranny

China’s “peaceful rise” is anything but. Look what the Chinese government has given us now — software for all personal computers sold in the country that gives the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) the power to block any PC anywhere in the country (“New PCs in China must have censor software: report,” June 9, page 1).

You want to make money in China? Just follow our rules for imposing tyranny against the Chinese people. If you sell products in China, they must be products of tyranny, based on our local law. That’s what Beijing is telling the world, with a straight face. This means that a manufacturer in the US must sell a computer with software that violates the US Constitution. Is that legal?

Whether it’s legal or not, it’s morally repugnant, not that repugnancy is a consideration in corporate boardrooms when talking about sales in China.

One wonders whether the US Congress could pass a law that prohibits US companies from selling PCs that contain this particular software, which blocks the Internet or contain Internet monitoring software that would allow the Chinese government to block Internet access.

Since China has required all PC makers to include a specific program manufactured by Jinhui Computer, a company with alleged ties to China’s secretive security and military apparatus, the rest of the world could prohibit the sale of computers with this so-called “Green Dam” software.

It might just as well be called Great Fire Wall software. That’s what it is. China is simply commercializing its tyranny and using its typical blackmail to force companies in the free world to conform to its disgusting tyranny in order to make a buck in China.

What will China think of next? Phones with chips that automatically send all sent and received SMS messages to the government? Phones that record all voice communications and send it to the government? All hotel rooms equipped with cameras and microphones? (oops, that’s probably already true).

We’re not that far away from Beijing trying to develop a way of monitoring “thought crime.” Think about dissent, go to jail.

Tyranny is usually the result of extreme insecurity, not strength or power. The more extreme the tyrannical measures or oppression by a government, the more impotent the dictator. What does this say about the CCP and its leaders? Could anyone be more afraid of the truth, or facts, or dissent, or criticism? Could anyone be more timorous? The more Beijing behaves like this, the more it looks like a wee mouse instead of a mighty dragon.

The simple truth is that the Beijing government is among the most cowardly in the world, cowering behind programs like “Green Dam” to shut its people off from learning the truth, lest they see the CCP for what it truly is. Any government that hides from the truth like the CCP is doomed, because truth will always find a way. Our mission is to find a way to hasten this doom.

Imagine how amazing the world would be with 1.3 billion free and democratic Chinese people, being allowed by their government to contribute fully to our collective human endeavor, instead of draining it, and thwarting it ... imagine that. What a world that would be.


New York

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