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THE LIBERTY TIMES EDITORIAL: CECA a threat to Taiwan’s freedom

Even though the Ma administration has stressed that the name, method and content of the agreement have yet to be finalized, it has already announced that signing an economic agreement with China is a fixed policy. This shows that the two sides have already reached a consensus on the principles and details of the agreement.

As for the recent accords on cross-strait direct flights, the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) employed various strategies to evade legislative supervision. This time, Ma has clearly stated that he opposes the idea of holding a referendum to decide whether Taiwan should sign the pact with China, so it is likely history will repeat itself.

It is widely perceived that inking an economic agreement with China would be the beginning of de facto cross-strait unification. The Washington Post reported last Friday that signing the agreement “represents an important step toward the possibility of unification of the longtime adversaries.” Although Taiwan has tried to reduce the political impact of the agreement, Beijing has stressed the importance of the agreement to eventual cross-strait unification.

Kenneth Lin (林向愷), a professor of economics at National Taiwan University, argues that regardless of what the agreement is called, signing it is tantamount to de facto cross-strait unification.

Hung Tsai-lung (洪財隆), an associate research fellow at the Taiwan Institute of Economic Research, also considers the agreement “a thorny rose that enhances Taiwan’s dependence on China.”

In other words, an economic pact with China will end Taiwan’s future. The opposition parties must voice their opinion and take the initiative. If the Ma government insists on signing the pact with China, the opposition must take to the streets and propose that Ma be impeached.

Since taking power, the Ma government has never stopped pushing its China-tilted policies even when it has put Taiwan in the way of danger. The Ma administration appears desperate to pin Taiwan’s future on signing an economic agreement with China. It is not being alarmist to claim that signing the pact will be the fall of Taiwan. If we do not act and prevent the government from signing the agreement, we are in danger of becoming slaves of a foreign country.


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