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Johnny Neihu's Mailbag

Forces of darkness

Dear Johnny,

As a Texan, I have watched the past few days’ news with pride in my heart for the people of Taiwan. At last, they have stood up for freedom, for human rights, they have told the Devil that they will not go quietly into the night.

They have spoken to the world that they, a great and wonderful people, are now under siege by forces of darkness that would attempt to control them, to remove their individual freedoms and rights.

I was afraid that the Taiwanese would simply bow to the stupidity that has become their government and give away the years of hard work and sacrifice so many have suffered through. I have seen the love and friendliness of the people and now I see their strength and their bravery. I am proud of them.

The forces of darkness, led by the team of China and Mr. Ma (sorry, I simply cannot call him president; he does not seem to have the patriotic love of country that a true president should have) have gathered together and started the process that would eventually end with handcuffs and gags put on the people of Taiwan. I salute the brave people I have seen on the news, standing on the wall of freedom, unafraid, strong in their beliefs, dedicated to their own future. God bless each and every one of them.

To the students protesting against the cruel arm of a police force that should have refused to abuse its fellow citizens: You are my new heroes. Continue to stand tall and to cry out against the injustices of a government that no longer listens, nor seems to care about, its own citizenry.

I wish that you, Johnny, would remind Taiwan and the world that Taiwan did not break away from China following the removal of the KMT. Taiwan had belonged to Japan since 1895 and was, at the time, under the protection of the US. China had no say on, no rule over, no control of, no claim to and no ownership of Taiwan.

I never hear about this in the media. There is a new history being built around Taiwan, and like so many other KMT-directed truths, it is a complete lie. The facts are clear and are fully documented: the legal government of Taiwan fled to Japan; it is not the KMT, nor the Chinese Communists.

To the people of Taiwan, no matter what background you might be, as the government continues to make political prisoners of the members of the previous Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government, help them. Demand that each receives an immediate pardon and that the current government stop rounding them up. Do not let the darkness of evil fall upon such a beautiful island and such a wonderful people.

Demand a full accounting of the money given to the KMT by China. In whose pockets does the cash now reside? Was the money truly given to the KMT or was it given to the government of Taiwan?

No matter what dark days lie ahead, I will continue to follow and support you, my friends and brave souls of Taiwan.

A Texan

Johnny replies: Legally, Taiwan remains in the custody of the signatories to the Treaty of San Francisco, though this means nothing to at least 99 percent of Taiwanese people, nor the signatories themselves. The DPP, which ruled the country for eight years on the back of the Republic of China Constitution, certainly considered itself to be a legitimate government. Few here doubt the legitimacy of the state as it stands; what most oppose is its absorption by China.

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