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Letters: `Republic of Taiwan' stand up

The rejection of Taiwan's bid to become a full WHO member should be no surprise at all ("President blasts WHO for rejecting bid," April 30, page 1) considering that the government continues to maintain its official name as Republic of China (ROC). Using the name "Taiwan" in the bidding doesn't matter.

There will be no deal with the UN, which recognizes only "one China."

It is truly amazing to me that people in Taiwan -- including the president -- continue to believe that they still live in a fantasy land called the Republic of China, which should only exist in a history book. Your readers still characterize the "one China" policy as fantasy (Letters, April 30, page 8) and as antiquated ("Time to say no to US' `one China,'" April 20, page 8).

In my opinion, President Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁) and the people under his leadership only have themselves to blame for this predicament.

Since the ROC withdrew from the UN in 1971, the "one China" policy has been accepted by the UN and world community, and that "one China" means the People's Republic of China, not the ROC.

As Chen claims -- and majority of the people believe -- that Taiwan is a sovereign state, why can't the president offer to hold a referendum on changing the country's name change from Republic of China to Republic of Taiwan, or just Taiwan?

It is a basic democratic process that the people of Taiwan have not been able to exercise.

Since the US has repeatedly stated that it only supports a "one China" policy, the only choice for the government is to accept reality and abandon its official name as Republic of China. And I am confident that there is no reason for the UN or the US not to support the Republic of Taiwan or Taiwan in a decision made by its own people.

Without the people of Taiwan taking this initiative, no matter how many times or hard you try to enter the international arena, the government and its people will continue to bump into the Great Wall of China.

Kris Liao

San Francisco

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