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Stars turn to matchmakers to find love

Tired of finding their love lives the fodder for tabloids, actors and other celebrities are reportedly turning to professional fixer-uppers to help them meet potential partners


Said Daniels: "Basically I get a lot of these stories: `I was at this party, I saw this woman I was really attracted to. I wanted to say hello, but didn't think I could because maybe some tabloid would write about me."'

The evening goes by, she said, and instead of meeting the person who caught their eye, they are surrounded by giggling fans.

The matchmakers do not come cheap. Adler charges about US$20,000 for a program that includes her cell phone number, coaching on dating etiquette, feedback and access to her database of some 50,000 clients.

Daniels' fee starts from US$25,000 for a similar program to book her services for a year. She got involved in Hollywood during the making of a television show, Miss Match, based on her life, in 2003.

"All of a sudden publicists, managers and agents started calling me," she said. "They didn't want to do it anymore."

Not all the celebrities function well outside the privileged world to which they've become accustomed. Adler recalled finding a match for an actress who said she wanted "the guy next door - a mellow, smart, humble guy."

But when her date would choose a restaurant, the actress' manager or assistant would call and say, "`She really wants to go here,"' Adler said.

"She said she wants a man who takes charge, and she kept undoing everything he was doing. And at dinner, it was all about the fans, talking to everyone else," Adler said.

The couple broke up.

And that appears to sum up the track records of the matchmakers interviewed for this article. None have put together a marriage -- yet. Daniels said she has one celebrity client who has been dating someone for about 10 months.

Sometimes the "civilians" find that dating a celebrity isn't all they dreamed. Daniels fixed up one of her girlfriends, an interior designer, with a divorced A-list actor, she said, who found that the actor almost never wants to leave his mansion.

Lately, though, Daniels has found that some of her non-Hollywood clients have been making requests.

"I just had a guy ask me about Jennifer Aniston," she said. "`If she moves to New York do you think you can get me a date with her?"'

Why not, she figures, adding that she had tracked down celebrities for her clients before.

"He's a talented, successful businessman who I think she might want to go out with," Adler said.  

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