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Criticism of AIT director unfounded

By Paul Lin 林保華

But if the US were to give Soong his AEGIS fleet, the US would be the one making the foolish sale.

First of all, US policy has always been to sell Taiwan the arms it needs to defend itself, not to make it more powerful than the Chinese army.

If that had happened, Chiang Kai-shek (蔣介石) would long ago have tried to take back China with Soong's father, former lieutenant-general Soong Ta (宋達).

Second, arms-producing countries do not normally give their advanced weapons to others, in order to safeguard their own security. This is common sense.

With certain Taiwanese politicians joining forces with their Chinese supporters to force Taiwan into eventual unification, it would not only be stupid, but crazy as well, for the US to sell Taiwan its best weapons, since certain people would give them to Beijing as "tribute." Could the US be so crazy? Certainly not.

Paul Lin is a political commentator based in Taipei.

Translated by Marc Langer

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