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Letter: Nation needs vision

By Lai Shu-mei

For years, Taiwanese have been complaining about the nation's status. The opposition parties have applied all manner of political pressure on the governing party and they have expended considerable effort trying to force improvements in the nation's political environment.

Recently the red-clad hordes took up the cause of opposing corruption to add further weight to the equation.

To some extent, I was happy to see these attempts to bring positive change to the nation's political system. Unfortunately, these activities eventually become vulgar weapons the pan-blue camp employed to destroy the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP). Moreover, people's rights to free speech and due process have been ignored and everyone has been asked to accept endless noise and mayhem.

There is no reason why we as citizens should have to pay for the confusion and inconvenience which has arisen due to these people's selfish behavior and political scheming. They are not truly concerned with the wellbeing of Taiwan.

Their focus is selective -- they are solely bent on ousting President Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁) and banishing the DPP from government. They turn a blind eye to the Chinese Nationalist Party's (KMT) assets.

There is no doubt that almost everyone is frustrated with Taiwan's international situation. However, our cause is definitely not advanced by the selfish acts of a vocal minority.

Lai Shu-mei

Fengyuan, Taichung County

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