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Letter: Local media need protection

By Xia Ming-huay

Democratic Progressive Party Legislator Tien Chiu-chin's (田秋堇) article distressed me ("TV stations being sold off under our noses," Aug. 25, page 8). It talked about the sale of local TV stations to foreign investors.

As a student majoring in communications, I am very disappointed at Taiwan's media environment, because you always sense that the audience is being exploited. Access to the media is important, but the reality of what will be accessed is not very pretty. Eastern Multimedia chairman Wang Ling-ling's (王令麟) slogan "Show me the money" is all about the ambition of a businessman. And the audience? Who cares about the audience in the sale of this company's controlling stake to the Carlyle Group? The only important thing is making money.

Tien writes: "After having earned their fill, they treat their customers like pigs at an auction and sell them off to the highest foreign bidder." This powerful image likening Taiwanese to livestock prompted me to conclude that the National Communications Commission should use its special powers to fight against foreign companies and ensure the right of the public to local programming.

The law must limit foreign capital in the media. We should protect our TV programs lest foreign investors change Taiwanese culture and practice cultural imperialism.

Xia Ming-huay


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