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Letter: By Where to from here?

By Chung Dai-ni

Upon reading Lee Min-yung's (李敏勇) article ("The country that I want has a vision for all of us," Aug. 29, page 8), all I can say is: That is the country I want too, and I doubt I am alone.

Words like "democracy" and "soul" have become cheap -- they have been tossed around too often for their meaning, if there is any left, to truly register. People feel divided, cheated, exhausted. Pessimism has sunk to a new low; the country is stuck in a rut.

We do not need more television shows or so-called critics/experts or political figures to point out what is wrong with our country -- we can recite the list in our sleep. It is not enough to just describe the country that you want to live in; it would be more constructive to delineate the steps necessary to take us from "here" to "there."

What can we do to lift ourselves up and move on? How do we build a country that holds infinite opportunities and promise for the next generation? What should we do for a country that we claim to love?

Is there nobody to take us there?

Chung Dai-ni


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