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Letter: Defining love for a nation

By Brian Chiu

I write to comment on Cao Changqing's (曹長青) article ("No one is forced to live among Taiwanese," Aug. 30, page 8).

I am a staunch supporter of independence and think that narrow nationalism should not be used to justify nationhood.

A Taiwanese republic must be a passionate nation ruled by law.

It should be unafraid to prosecute blackshirt thugs like Lin Cheng-chieh (林正杰) for assault and threatening further violence.

But short of treason, Lin does have a right to live here.

As a Taiwanese-American I am often struck by the mantra of conservative Americans: "America -- love it or leave it."

They recite this mantra whenever Americans of conscience express our opinion against our government's aggression abroad, or against gender and economic inequality at home.

Who are they to define what it means to love a country?

The independence movement must not be distracted by ethnicity or national origin, nor by the fact that the media are so hopelessly manipulated by the pro-blue aristocracy.

Having been a long-time labor union organizer and leader in California, I believe that the grassroots organizing must never stop, because the other side will always have more wealth, power and media.

I have a mantra too: "Every worker is an organizer."

Brian Chiu

Pingtung County

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