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Letter: First Taiwan, now the US

By Ching Li

The Chadian government, which severed diplomatic ties with Taiwan and embraced China just weeks ago, has dropped another bombshell.

It is kicking Chevron, a US oil company, and Petronas, a Malaysian oil concern, out of the country for not paying taxes ("Chadian minister says oil firms failed to pay tax," Aug. 29, page 10). Chevron issued a statement denying tax delinquency.

Once Chad evicts Chevron and Petronas, the government will likely turn to China for assistance in continuing the oil production that is presently undertaken by these firms.

This incident points to the strong possibility of China being behind the stripping of Taiwanese political interests and US economic interests.

It seems to me the US and Taiwan are bearing the brunt because they have one thing in common: democracy.

Ching Li


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