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Letter: Chinese bullying continues

By Dai Kaifeng

The Taiwanese government last Saturday announced that it had severed diplomatic relations with Chad. This proved that Communist China's bullying of Taiwan in the international community will never end. China's behavior not only hurt the feelings of the 23 million people of Taiwan, but also threatens cross-strait relations.

This diplomatic wrestling is just the tip of the iceberg in China's campaign to oppress Taiwan. China's economic boom over the last few years has expanded its influence around the world, and Taiwan is the first to be affected. China's rise should not viewed merely as an opportunity, but more as a threat to world order and the global strategic balance.

I doubt if China's goodwill toward Taiwan is trustworthy. Last year, the opposition party reached a consensus with the Chinese Communist Party on agricultural, aviation, education and cultural exchanges.

Despite these agreements, Beijing has continued to sabotage our diplomatic relations with our allies. For example, China has undermined our foreign relations with its cash diplomacy and lured Senegal and others to its side.

The Taiwanese should not become demoralized because of this diplomatic fiasco. Instead, we should be on guard against China's vicious nature and enhance our security and defense to avoid falling into the trap of China's united front tactics.

Dai Kaifeng


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