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Letter: Things are not so bad

By Danny Song

The approval rating surveys conducted by the pan-blue media, which get funding from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), don't mean much. Tracking approval ratings is a phenomenon specific to democratic countries -- you would never see it in authoritarian countries because there's no political freedom.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-il has one of the highest approval ratings in the world, but he's one of the worst dictators ever, a list in which CCP leaders hold the top seats.

There's one analogy in Taiwan's democracy, and that is the pan-green media are weak in comparison with the pan-blue. The pan-blue media are in fact guilty of treason because they receive funding from the nation's enemy China -- this definitely wouldn't be allowed in the US or other western democratic countries.

Most founders of nations throughout history were rebels in the eyes of the corrupt regimes they fought against. In comparison with the insider trading allegedly committed by President Chen Shui-bian's (陳水扁) son-in-law's family, the average Chinese provincial leader is a mafia godfather.

Insider trading is rampant in East Asian countries' economies as the dedication to family overwhelms the law.

The US has insider trading issues as well, but it's handled in more delicate ways. Martha Stewart was just the fall guy because she was not refined enough, and had no real family connection to the blue-blood families. One of former US president George Bush's sons escaped justice in the Colorado savings and loan scandal at the expense of US taxpayers.

In this respect, Taiwan's Chen is more courageous to have his son-in-law facing the law.

Danny Song


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