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Letters: Respect Chao's rights

Recent turmoil in Taiwan has centred on the mischief of the first family's in-laws, along with the proposal to recall the president by the opposition parties.

The arrest of Chao Chien-ming (趙建銘) sends a message that Taiwanese society is escaping from the shadows of the KMT. This is a good sign. However, we know from news reports that Chao is being held without bail and is not even permitted to meet his family, including his children. Does the prosecutor really think that allowing Chao to meet his children will jeopardize the investigation?

We do not know if Chao has committed the crimes he has been accused of. There are two questions that occur to an outsider like myself when I read the news.

Firstly, why have suspects been bailed after saying what the prosecutor wanted to hear? Is the denial of bail being used to obtain confessions from suspects?

Secondly, what has been lacking in the news reporting is attention to the human rights of the accused. We want to see justice served, but in a dignified way with respect for the accused's rights.

Taiwan is emerging from the KMT's authoritarian shadow. Let's continue to do this in a just way, not by using the tactics of a lynch of mob.

Chao deserves the right to be visited by his children and the rest of his family. Even if he were to be charged, he is still a human being.

Rao Kok-sia

Boston, Massachusetts

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