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Letter: Embrace the dispossessed

By Jimba Onisgay

Government officials in Taiwan are often heard condemning China's moves to diplomatically and culturally isolate Taiwan. In the years since Taiwan was stripped of its UN seat it has seen its diplomatic allies slip away one by one into Red China's embrace, leaving Taiwan out in the cold.

But Taiwan is not the only left shut out like this. Like Taiwan my homeland, Somaliland, is also an unrecognized state separated from the world community, mainly due to the insistence of larger countries that the old Somalia should remain united.

Might it not be a better idea for the government of Taiwan to stop handing out dollars to tin-pot banana republics and instead recognize that its true allies are those nations which are equally dispossessed?

A union of unrecognized nations like Somaliland, Taiwan and others would do much more to further the nation's goal of obtaining international recognition than greasing the palms of a gang of corrupt government officials in the Solomon Islands ever could. Especially since the great powers are considering reform of the UN, now is the time to act.

Jimba Onisgay

Tucheng, Taipei County

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