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Letter: Taiwan isn't provoking PRC

By chen Ming-Chung

For Senator Diane Feinstein and others to accuse Taiwan and President Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁) of provoking China is tantamount to accusing a rape victim of provoking her rapist ("Taiwan's provocation is a fiction," May 25, page 8).

If Chen hopes to be hailed as a savior who stands up to the communist regime in China, what is so wrong with that?

China is willing to annex Taiwan forcibly and deny Taiwanese their liberty. It also abuses its own citizens. Contrary to Feinstein's belief, standing up to China's ambitions generates wide support in the US.

Although the US has no obligation to defend Taiwan, it should do so for its own national interests. If we don't fight tyrants in their homes, we will have to fight them in ours.

Feinstein should not forget the US' moral obligation to defend liberty at home and abroad. People should be free from the fear of tyranny and not to be accused of "provocation."

chen Ming-Chung


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