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Letters: Speak with one voice

I'm an Australian but my wife is Taiwanese, which is one reason why I read your paper online every day. I find the politics are interesting to read. It makes me wonder what the pan-blues have to gain by handing Taiwan over to China? What motivates them? How do they believe they will be rewarded? A new house, car or a pat on the head?

When Australia was invaded in World War II we didn't open our doors and let the invading country just stroll in, we fought back. And we are proud that we did so.

I do sympathize with Taiwan on its global political situation. It amazes me that the US spends billions on the war in Iraq in the name of democracy, but won't sacrifice the same amount in trade agreements by saying no to China. Nor will my own country, which fought for the freedom of East Timor. This is ironic and sad.

But the purpose of this letter is to express an idea, one which I hope stimulates thought and conversation. How would China fare if every single nation on our Earth simultaneously gave their full support to Taiwan without reserve?

As I see it now, China's sole advantage is the threat to lock out countries from its economy. However if everyone in the world spoke with one voice, where would China go? Their entire base of power, their ability to threaten and negotiate and play politics with economics would be wiped out, because there would be absolutely nowhere they could turn to. Every single country would be the same politically.

Michael (name provided)


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