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Letter: Custody ruling very cruel

By Susan Su

What must the mother have done to deserve such a punishment?

My heart still aches whenever I think of that tearful mother who helplessly watched her little baby being taken away by the biological father.

Now that a US court said that the father should have custody of the child and had the right to take the baby away from her mother, I would like to ask the father and the US court: Did you really need to enforce the verdict in such a brutal fashion?

The way the man, who was barely able to communicate with the little girl, took her away shows how human beings are no different from animals (or even worse than animals in some cases).

May I ask Cary Sartin, is this woman the one you made love to? Did you ever love her? If running away with her baby is "betrayal," did you not betray her first? Tell me that you were not a married man when you made love to her.

Do you view Emily's mother like an old shoe? When you took away the "thing" you think belongs to you and left the poor woman in tears, you made me believe you do not care about the baby or her mother.

Any mother would die of a broken heart when the most precious part of their life is taken away like that. If you say she is not "normal," then please show me you are "normal" enough to be a good father, who won't separate a baby from her mother in such a brutal fashion when they need each other so much.

If you think you are a better candidate for custody of the baby, show me that you can love the baby by loving the baby's mother too.

Whatever the law says, as a mother myself, I don't believe that the father should have more right to a baby than the mother, who bears, cares and nurses the baby from the moment it is conceived.

What crime must she have committed to deserve such a serious punishment as to be deprived of her baby when she is still alive?

Susan Su


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