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The top 10 modern fairy tales

UFOs do not exist, an official report has concluded. But what about angels, the Loch Ness Monster and the Abominable Snowman?

By Lucy Mangan

9 Big cats in Britain

There are parakeets in the south east of England. I've seen 'em. Why not beasts on Bodmin Moor in the south west? A travelling circus, a faulty lock, an ocelot with initiative -- it's not hard to imagine and it really could be true. Cue, every month or so, yet another newspaper picture of what may or not be a large, out-of-focus domestic cat.

10 Angels

Originally members of the lowest division of the celestial hierarchy, lumbered with sorting out human affairs rather than singing the music of the spheres or guarding Eden like the Seraphim and Cherubim, angels have long since been co-opted by new agers and pressed into service in ever more demeaning ways.

Instead of divine servants, they are now usually conceptualized as floaty-robed guardians of man whose benevolent energies can be channelled through crystals, or used as a way of personifying self-help beliefs, resulting in a plethora of books with titles like How My Angel Told Me to Tell You to Love Yourself. Like crystals and fairies, they will exist for as long as they make money and there are enough drippy women out there with sufficient disposable income to make it so.

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