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Letter: Observing Taiwan

I am just one of the tens of thousands of Filipino workers who opted to leave my family and country in search of greener pastures. Having lived here for a year, I want to share my observations of Taiwan and its people.

First, the Taiwanese people are warm and friendly. Before coming here I feared that my employers would be mean or arrogant people. Maybe they would look down on me because of the existing stigma that we are a group of socially marginalized people. Those fears were all unfounded. I am lucky to have nice employers that treat me well.

Second, Taiwanese are hard-working, they want to do things fast, and they always have a proper way of doing things.

Third, while Taiwan is a modern society, one factor is seriously lacking -- English. To my surprise, even professionals like doctors or nurses don't speak fluent English.

Fourth, I am glad to find that Taiwan is a free and democratic society and I salute the president for taking a firm stand on Taiwan's right to be a nation.

I have also noticed a phenomenal figure, a good-looking man, the main proponent of Taiwan's unification with the former "sleeping giant," but now rising economic power -- China.

And finally, I am sad to learn about Taiwan's identity crisis. It's a big sin just to call Taiwan a "country." This dilemma is caused by the "one China" policy, and it is affecting Taiwan's standing in the international community.

"Butterfly" (name withheld)


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