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Letter: Arms bill: Get on with it

By Chiu Yen-Lung

The arms procurement budget being blocked in the legislature isn't such big news nowadays. The Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) says it supports a "reasonable" arms budget to maintain the proper national defense capabilities and to demonstrate the nation's determination to defend itself. The KMT opposes what it calls an "unreasonable" arms budget.

The KMT has yet to provide a clear definition or figures to determine what would be "reasonable." The arms procurement budget has doubtless been drawn up under professional supervision. The weapons are only for self-defense. Isn't that what the KMT wants?

As a proud citizen of Taiwan, I think the arms budget should be discussed and processed by the legislature. The legislators will discuss it over and over again, for the sake of the public. It feels like the arms procurement budget has been in the news forever, and we citizens really want to see some progress.

There are at least two advantages to the arms procurement plan. One is that it will provide moderate security; the other is to provide back-up when we negotiate with China.

Battles between the governing party and the opposition party should not be allowed to delay the national defense plan and therefore override our national security.

Chiu Yen-lung


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