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Letter: Soldiers need new equipment

By Huang Wei-Lun

A few weeks ago, a navy S-70 helicopter crashed. Until I read the reports about that accident, I didn't know that there were still so many weapons in use that are more than 20 years old. Given such outdated weapons, it's almost impossible for our military to maintain an "accident-free" record. In other words, the S-70 tragedy could happen again and again.

All the nation's pilots are well-trained soldiers. They are the ones who protect our airspace. However, nobody believes that the planes they fly are too old to be used, until an accident happens.

And who can imagine the feelings of soldiers' families? I believe that soldiers aren't afraid of any sacrifice. If they died on the battlefield, their families would feel sad but proud. But if their death was caused by dilapidated weapons, that's unacceptable.

Everybody wants their sons and daughters to grow up, get married and have a career. Also, sons and daughters wish to see their parents enjoy their old age.

I think those are essential hopes for everyone. Therefore, everyone should support the purchase of new arms so that our military personnel can serve safely, and their families can live without worry.

Huang Wei-Lun


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