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Letter: Bravery could be the cure

By David Tzou

In reference to your editorial ("Cure needed for the political flu," Oct. 25, page 8).

Pope Benedict XVI said on April 21 that his "primary task" would be to work without fail to reunify all Christians and that sentiment alone was not enough.

"Concrete acts that enter souls and move consciences are needed," he said.

Taiwan now desperately needs political leaders who possess the Pope's vision and determination. Otherwise, the nation will go down the drain in the not too distant future.

Fortunately, I have seen one political figure whose words and deeds have entered souls and moved consciences. This person is none other than Chen Chu(陳菊), the former chairwoman of the Council of Labor Affairs, who stepped down in the wake of the Thai workers riot. When she tendered her resignation last month, she said, "As a public official, I should not simply criticize myself but must take responsibility based on the most rigorous standards and values for which I decided to participate in the democratic movement. ... I should use the most modest attitude to take full responsibility in order to rebuild the confidence of the people in the government."

She also said that the Thai workers incident had "undoubtedly caused harm to our national image" and "I must again apologize to our citizens and all workers."

"I have made this decision only based on my concept of political responsibility and my self-demands on human rights standards," she said, adding that her resolve to uphold human rights was "more important than political interests or election."

By taking the heat and bowing out gracefully, Chen has set a good example for others to follow. She is a lady with a brave conscience, which I believe is the best kind of cure for Taiwan's political flu.

A house divided cannot stand. The public is exhausted by the language of the political rivals. People cannot stand the mudslinging any longer. The nation has come to the point where Taiwan's leaders, from all political backgrounds, need to prove their bravery with words and concrete acts in order to save our beloved island from sinking further into the mire.

David Tzou


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