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Lee and Lien trips highlight truth


Both Lien and Soong, both of whom have enjoyed the benefits of high political office, seem unable to express gratitude to the Taiwanese people, but instead seek to pay tribute to the rulers of China. What's more, ever since China's enactment of the "Anti-Secession" Law, which effectively gave Beijing the "legal" option of taking Taiwan by force, the response of Lien and Soong's pan-blue camp has been to obstruct Taiwan's arms-procurement bill.

They do not care about safeguarding the lives of Taiwanese people, and show no gratitude toward the people who supported their political careers.

In contrast to Lee's trip to the US to fight for Taiwan, Lien and Soong kowtowed to the enemy. Lee paid his respects to martyrs who died for independence, liberty and democracy and expressed hope that the Taiwan can move toward a brighter future. In contrast, Lien and Soong have declared submission to one of the world's most vicious dictatorial powers, willingly accepting the "1992 consensus" and "one China under the Constitution" (一中憲法), and doing their utmost to obstruct the arms-procurement bill.

After Lee stepped down from the presidency, he continued to pursue the goal of Taiwan's freedom. Lien and Soong on the other hand are acting as stooges for China's ambitions to annex Taiwan. No starker difference could be presented to history to judge.

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