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Hold Beijing to account

By Kevin Larson

Everyone around the world remembers the Tiananmen Massacre that took place on June 4, 1989 in Beijing. A peaceful protest by students and workers was brutally squashed by the country's authoritarian leaders and their mono-spectacled "People's Liberation Army" (PLA).

To make things worse, no one in the controlling Chinese Communist Party has yet been held responsible, or even accountable. In China the Tiananmen massacre is officially treated as something that never even happened. If a person in China is caught talking about it, they could go to jail, or worse.

China's "peaceful rise?" Let history speak for itself. Everyone knows that the "peaceful liberation" of Tibet was anything but. People also know that China is secretly trying to push out Tibetans by exporting migrant Han Chinese into Tibet.

The history of Tibet and the similar ongoing plight of China's Uighurs, added to the Machiavellian methods Beijing employed at Tiananmen, proves beyond a shadow of doubt that Taiwan is looking at a wolf in wolf's clothing across the Strait. Even Hong Kong's `democracy' is facing the lies that China puts forth every day.

And "Chinese Macau"? It is nothing more than a corrupt playground for the rich few hailing from Shanghai to Beijing, while the majority of the Chinese people's needs are neglected. But Tiananmen's ghost is a legacy and a message that will not go away. In fact, it is back and stronger than ever. And just as one man stood in front of the PLA's column of tanks, now 23 million Taiwanese face the Chinese military threat from across the Strait.

If Taiwan holds high its "Peace and Democracy" sign in front of Beijing's leaders, in the spirit of Tiananmen, will China's tanks still be able to roll over Taiwan with the whole world watching? And if Taiwan spoke loudly and if China responded by force, would the world hold China accountable? Better still, will the authorities in China hold themselves accountable -- once and for all?

Kevin Larson


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