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Prevent further tragedies

By Cindy Hu

I read the shocking news ("Kindergarten staff out on bail," Sept. 22, page 2) regarding the tragedy of a three year-old child dying because of a kindergarten's negligence. To prevent this kind of tragedy from happening again, I have some suggestions.

One, kindergarten teachers have to count the number of students when they get in and out of the school bus.

Two, teachers have to conduct a roll call first thing every morning, and if any of the students is absent, verify the reason for such absence with the child's parents.

Three, schools should keep close contact with the students' parents; this will make it easier to better control students' daily movements.

Four, bus drivers must make a final check to make sure all the students got out of the bus once they have arrived at school.

Five, all students must be taught to use the bus' hooter if they are ever accidentally left behind on the bus and cannot get out.

It is really sad to see this kind of tragedy happening again and again.

Hopefully all of us would work hard to find an effective way to help our children and stop this kind of tragedy being repeated ever again.

Cindy Hu


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