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The UN is a total failure

By Chen Ming-chung

Hu Jintao (胡錦濤), was elected by no one but his communist cronies. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is a regime with one of the worst human rights record on earth in the history of mankind. Meanwhile Taiwan, with a democratically elected president, is shut out of the UN. Hu is speaking to the UN Assembly as if he represents the UN's spirit, its hope and its future. If that is the case, God help us, the UN and the world.

In your article "Bush changes topic after Hu asks for support on Taiwan," (Sept. 15, page 1), US President George W. Bush is too polite. When I was asked by a drunk street beggar in Chicago recently, "Do you have a quarter?" I asked him, "Do you have a dollar?" President Bush, too, should tell Hu: "Hands and missiles off Taiwan."

On your editorial "The United Nations boldly faces another challenger of change" (Sept. 14, page 9), Shashi Tharoor has argued in favor of the UN's accomplishments. But is the UN a bottle half full or half empty?

Hu seems to be a defining point. Truly, the UN is a mirror of our world. Yet if we are to let the world take its natural course in history, instead of interfering with the human spirit and civility, let the chips fall where they may, and we can do that well without the UN.

If we are to let thugs such as Hu direct the UN and orchestrate world peace, then the UN would do a whole lot worse than nothing. May God help us if that is to be the case.

Has the UN accomplished anything with the enormous resources it consumes and the opportunity it had after World War II? Paramount among the UN's accomplishments has to be its assistance in the liberation of a vast underclass of world citizens from their colonial masters.

Yet the UN's treatment of Taiwan is an abomination. Taiwan is a democratic nation with a free citizenry, a country that was liberated through its own citizens' determination, without UN support, and despite the UN's malice.

The UN is too busy supporting a totalitarian, uncivilized regime to demand the total submission of a people threatening the use of force, and threatening to annex a nation it has never even set foot on. On that score, the UN is a total failure.

CHEN Ming-Chung


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