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Don't badmouth the stars

By Chelsea Wong

I am writing in response to the letter by James Lee (Letters, Sept. 3, page 8).

First of all, I must say I am absolutely not a fan of Bae's, and I have not yet seen any of his acting. However, I utterly agree with Lee's point of view.

To condemn someone in public, just because he or she draws more attention and a larger audience, is immature, ignorant and unnecessary.

Being an independent film fan myself, I love to see the interaction of different cultures in film. Of course I'm aware of the new wave of South Korean filmmakers, especially those of recent years.

To me it's a very good sign: it means that we have more intriguing and refreshing films to view and learn from. Naturally there will be celebrities or superstars born as part of this process. We can't stop them from becoming popular.

I do sincerely hope that Taiwanese entertainers would analyze themselves to find out why they are not popular enough. Maybe they are not working hard enough to produce good work, and maybe their are jealous. They should think of ways to get back into the market instead of bad-mouthing others.

No matter what the reasons are, we should not put people down, but rather learn from each other and make peace with ourselves. After all, this is entertainment, not war.

Chelsea Wong

New York

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