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The best gift for soldiers

By Major Wu Cheng-kang

There is a lot of celebration and praise today for Soldiers' Day, but it seems the only time that people are grateful for soldiers. As a military officer, it is not my lot to complain about anything, because I am clearly aware of my duties to my country and my people.

But what concerns me is this: does everybody understand our duty to this country?

Since I was a child, I've been taught "no country, no individual," and that a good government should lead its country and fly straight, as a good pilot does. Right now, the changing situation in the Taiwan Strait may confuse us, and people may see certain benefits as much more important to them than the security of their country. What is more, they may misunderstand the government as an "interceptor" of their financial career. So they become the "objector;" they oppose almost everything, even, importantly, buying military weapons.

That reminds me of the screenplay of my favorite movie Anne of the Green Gables, when Anne Shirley said to her beloved Gilbert, "I don't want a diamond stone or a marble hall, I just want you." So, let me tell you my dear people, as a member of the ROC armed forces, I don't want a shiny medal or spectacular celebration, I just want the respect for our professional decision on the arms purchase. The best gift for our soldiers in celebration of Soldiers' Day is to trust us that we will try our best to maintain national security.

Major Wu Cheng-kang


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