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NSC builds strong bonds

By Chen Ting-ming

The Migrating Birds Program organized by the NSC really gives every Taiwanese overseas student a chance to come back to Taiwan and recognize the earth which is so close to us, and which now seems even a bit closer by having seen it from a distance.

Recently, all of the criticism that has been directed toward the NSC program and its participants is not fair, especially for the staff of the NSC, who has been working very hard to create various internship positions to suit every student, and to locate convenient accommodation for them.

For example, as for myself, I was luckily accepted in the product assurance division at the National Space Organization (formerly known as the National Space Program Office, or NSPO). I got my first working experience in Taiwan. I wake up at 5:15am, take a shuttle bus to Hsinchu and start working at 7:45am and finish at 5pm. I am treated equally, as every colleague at work is treated. Our division chief gathers everyone for a daily meeting at 8:30am. He is a very knowledgeable person from whom I have learned a lot about satellites from a product assurance point of view. Before coming to NSPO, a mentor was assigned in each field and a program was tailor-made for each intern, and they constantly asked us if adjustments needed to be made to the program.

I believe the NSC, NSPO and any other organizations involved in this program take it very seriously, and so does every participant. I know the media have a lot of questions about the organization of the program, but I suggest that they highlight the benefits of this program and support it in the future.

After this wonderful experience, I truly believe most of us will become better ambassadors for Taiwan in the country we currently live and in the school we go to. We will be even more proud of ourselves because we know more about where we are from. Perhaps, one day we will return to Taiwan and contribute our best to a land which we feel we are proud to belong to.

Chen Ting-ming

Montreal, Canada

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