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Taiwan caught in `status quo'

By Sing Young

Regarding the US' so-called "policy" which is supposed to maintain an undefined "status quo," Nat Bellocchi is right in saying that it is working to China's advantage ("China has `status quo' advantage," July 27, page 8).

Bellocchi, however, failed to point out the mismanagement of Taiwan's situation by recent US administrations. The US, in effect, has successfully assisted China in cornering the Taiwanese to the point where we don't feel that we, and particularly our children and grandchildren, have a future or have a say in our future -- no matter what we do or don't do.

Things are not under our control. We are exhausted, numb and totally paralyzed. We are asked to live a suspended and supposedly non-existent no-name life, or a "status quo."

This is a life sentence to us, our children and beyond. Being so absolutely paralyzed by the games of the US and China, it is a puzzle that the US appears unable to understand why Taiwan is not buying more US weapons. We are controlled and bound by the US in terms of "how much" we are allowed to "defend" our country.

On the other hand, the Israelis are decisive in defending their country because the US has been firmly behind their cause, albeit not all their acts. Unless the US shows that kind of support to Taiwan, the Taiwanese people will seek not more weapons, but a place outside of Taiwan for their children and grandchildren to have a life with a better outlook -- just like the two chairmen whose parties have been blocking the military budget. Who would want to build a life that is capped by a "status quo" and might be destroyed by two giants?

Bellocchi should have been frank and brave enough to tell the truth, as opposed to only politely pointing out where the "status quo" is heading.

Bellocchi's article has helped neither the US to understand the Taiwanese perspective nor the Taiwanese to understand where the US stands.

Sing Young


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