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Beware F-16D sales

By Arun Khanna

Fang Tien-sze's (方天賜) article ("China aims to balance relations in South Asia," April 27, page 8) is thought-provoking. The US administration's recent decision to sell advanced F-16D aircraft to Pakistan can have an adverse impact on Taiwan's security. The aircraft's avionics technology is bound to be leaked to China for use in Pakistan and China's joint production of JF-17 aircraft.

The US should be prudent and sell F-16s with avionics similar to the F-16A aircraft Pakistan is currently using.

Further, the US should negotiate a mutually beneficial India-Taiwan-US free trade pact.

If a free trade pact is not negotiated soon, China will end up becoming India's biggest trade partner and then the US will find itself in a strategic bind in South Asia.

Arun Khanna

Indianapolis, Indiana

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