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Law threatens free world

By Ted Chang

China's passage of the "anti-secession" law is a threat not only to Taiwan, but also to the security and democracy of the free world. Taiwan is not part of China. The two countries currently have two totally independent and opposite governments, and the people have different lifestyles.

China is now ruled by a totalitarian Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime. The CCP does not allow its people to form political parties, nor labor unions, or even choose their own religion and beliefs. The CCP is an illegitimate and outdated regime akin to a national Mafia.

On Monday the CCP has passed and "anti-secession" law directing threats at Taiwan, a multi-party democracy. The CCP is poised to menace, or even reverse, global progress in freedom and human rights.

It is bad enough to have to deal with a poor dictatorship like North Korea. What could be worse than dealing with a rich dictatorship, the People's Republic of China? The mandate and challenges for the democratic and capitalist free world have never been more clear.

Ted Chang

Chicago, Illinois

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