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So much for German pacifism

By Sing Young

As much as the French are shaming the values of the three colors on their flag, let's not forget the other accomplice: Germany. When I went to study in Germany in 1983, the students and professors were forming human chains to protest the installation of the US Pershing II missiles. They informed me passionately that no matter where the missiles were to come from -- Russia or the US -- Germany would be the target. Then, I admired their courage to stand up and had a great deal of sympathy towards Germany's position. Not any more.

Tens of thousands of Germans came out last year to demonstrate against the US invasion to Iraq, chanting their never-tiring pacifist slogans. How hypocritical they have been to me, now that they see nothing and say nothing when their own country is promoting arms sales to an aggressor country, China. So much for pacifism!

After 60 years, the Germans are again standing by the side of a fascist regime and ready to supply killing machines to assist mass murder. But after all, the Taiwanese aren't even white.

Sing Young


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