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Use French as human shields

By Remi Hasenohr

I am not a fan of political correctness but labeling a woman minister a "whore" makes me feel very uneasy. Yes, there is prostitution involved, but a term more apt at describing the French government's role would be "mama san." They are indeed selling the founding virtues of our Republic, this is repulsive and there is no excuse for it.

The French push to lift the arms embargo against China is a political and economic decision taken by the French government. Does this automatically mean that the French people are supportive of this policy? As you state in your editorial, the Taiwanese government has taken bribes in the Lafayette deal. Does that mean that all Taiwanese are corrupt?

As this is an economic and political decision, economic and political actions could be taken, such as a boycott of French products, halt to any official exchanges or visits, and so on. While I certainly do not wish for this to happen, such measures would be understandable.

Then you forgo any rational thought when you propose "the ending of scholarships for French students, refusal to grant or renew French nationals alien residency." If French students cannot get scholarship to study in Taiwan, they will go to other countries.

If they want to study Chinese they will go you guess where, they will be trained there and won't know anything about Taiwan except for official propaganda.

Then the second proposition is even more nonsensical. I have lived in Taiwan for ten years, I know many other French people who call Taiwan their home. We love it here, and I don't know of anybody who would support lifting the arms embargo.

I see two reasons you should consider for not applying your second proposition. Firstly, kick us out of our homes, make us leave our lives, our families, our friends and see how much goodwill you will generate. Secondly, even if you don't find any redeeming values in the "low-lifes" that according to your piece we are, you might consider keeping us as human shields; Saddam did it, so should you.

Remi Hasenohr


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