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Letter: Taiwan should enact law, too

By David Sun

We'll stand with you

Many of us here in the US do not appreciate what Red China is trying to do; that is, to bring Taiwan back to communist rule.

I have been to Taipei a couple of times, and I would certainly hate to see you lose what you have. Such friendly, hospitable people! I think our government will stand with you side-by-side.

Bob Schaeffer

Bronx, New York

If China passes its "anti secession" law, the solution for Taiwan is simple. Taiwan should adopt the same law, character for character (or traditional character for simplified character), and backdate it to the year 1 (1911).

Then the Beijing regime will become illegal, they will go home, Taiwan can send the KMT back, and get on with the job of being the first democracy in greater China (including Singapore!).

Seriously, Taiwan should not declare independence; it should establish its independence. For example, by getting rid of its now minority language, replacing it with something more universally recognized. Actually, keep Mandarin as a second `first language' for educational purposes: it is such an ordeal for students to learn that by the time they have learnt it, nothing academic will daunt them.

David Sun


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